Volkswagen "Jetta" SportWagen

sold as a Golf SportWagen or Golf Estate/Wagon elsewhere

model year: 2009
purchased: December 28th, 2008
miles after 47 months (3.9 years): 115,800 miles (186362km)

6spd manual transmission
factory options added: panoramic sunroof

In the US, the TDI was a package and level of trim, which includes items like leather steering wheel, shift knob, and shift boot, "leather-look" vinyl seats, heated front seats, highline instrument cluster, power front seats, 10 speakers, etc. Most other items are standard including the AC and cruise control. (more information

2.0L Common-Rail 16v "clean diesel" TDI
factory rated power (crank): 140hp/236 ft-lb (319 Nm)
stock dyno'd power (wheel) (Mustang dynamometer): 126hp/212 ft-lb (287 Nm).. indicates drivetrain loss of 10.17%
REVO dyno'd power (wheel) (Mustang dynamometer): 136hp/235 ft-lb (318 Nm) (this dyno session had issues. The engine wouldn't rev freely, so the power reading is down from what it actually is). Estimated power (to the wheels) is roughly 145hp/245 ft-lb (332 Nm)

fuel consumption
I'm agressive with the throttle and I don't baby the engine. My driving has always been at least 90% highway. The car has averaged around 32 - 34mpg (6.9 - 7.3 L/100km) since I've owned it. The highest I've seen is 44mpg (5.3 L/100km) and it's very tough to get the average below 30mpg (7.8 L/100km) if driving for more than a few minutes. I do see 15 - 20mpg when on track.

current mods:

VCDS computer changes: (highline CECM is installed)
DRL's disabled, inner lights also act as highbeams, rear fog enabled, windows & sunroof open/close via remote, comfort indicators turned off

what has been replaced or fixed so far:

show trophies:

track times:


photos - showing mods and progression

day after purchase

first drop on coils

dropped farther on the coils


rear fog

showing some fitment with the 18s

at WaterWerks 2010

the Euro GTI lip & HID's

Brembo calipers

the Audi Sport wheels (track mode)

GTI/GLI honeycomb frontend

WaterWerks 2011 autocross

at Pacific Raceways

at Portland International Raceway

at The Ridge Motorsports Park

Harris Hill Road, San Marcos, TX

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